Differential Pressure Instruments

For Efficient working of your instrument, please read all instructions carefully before attempting to install. CAUTION : Do not exceed maximum operating pressure given on the instrument label. Check fluid compatibility with wetted parts before use. For highly corrosive media, hardous location or area please contact manufacturer.

High and low pressures are separated by a sensor assembly consisting of a magnet, pistons, Teflon seal and range spring. The difference in pressure causes the sensor assembly to move in proportion to the change against a range spring.

A rotary magnet, located in a separate body compartment and isolated from the acting pressures, is rotated by magnetic coupling as per the linear movement of the sensor assembly A pointer attached to the rotary magnet indicated differential pressure on the dial

SWITCH : Reed switches are located adjacent to the pressure chamber and are activated by the magnetic field of the sensor assembly.

Note : The instruments are calibrated to give ± 2 % full scale accuracy on ascending readings


For better performance he instrument should be mounted horizontally by keeping the dial vertical Two mounting holes of size M6 or 1/4 " UNC are provided at bottom of the instrument body for mounting. Select instrument location where it is not subjected to heavy vibrations or shocks.

Depressurize the system and connect the high and low pressure lines of your system to the High & Low ports of the instrument respectively

It is recommended to use "O" rings with male connectors to avoid excessive tightening and to prevent leakage ( For parallel threads) The instrument is now ready for operation. Apply "High " and low pressures simultaneously to avoid damage to the internal parts . Model 200 DPG consists of a piston type mechanism to sense the pressure difference. it can withstand maximum operating pressure difference. It can withstand maximum operating pressure up to 200 bar & temperature upto 80 C max. for all ranges.

It exceeds the rate maximum pressure, O rings used on male connectors and the Teflon seal inside the pressure chamber, will be damaged. If maximum operating pressure is within the allowable limit of 200 bar, but the differential pressure exceeds instrument range, there will be no damage tot eh instrument. Pointer will go only to the

Digital Temperature Indicator

Three & half temperature indicator. It is widely use in accurate and quick measuring applications in computer room ,server room, cold storage, central hall etc.
• Highly accurate and reliable • Modular design • Glass Epoxy design • Accurate & easy to read L.E.D Display

Digital temperature indicator
Display size
Ambient temperature
: Thermocouple & Rtd
: -50 to 100°c
: 0.5 inch
: 0-55 =c
: Panel mounting (H-48MM X W-96MM X 0-11 OMM)
: Acrylic
: 230Vac t10 °10,50Hz

Digital Portable Temperature Indicator

• Highly accurate and reliable • Modular design • Glass Epoxy design • Accurate & easy to read L.E.D Display

Low Pressure Non - Incentive Pressure Sensor  Class 1 division 2 groups A, B, C, D non - Incentive
The AST 43LP is a low pressure Class 1 Division 2 stainless steel pressure transmitter I pressure transducer for use in hazardous areas. In addition to. Its rugged construction and the best price-to-performance ratio in the industry, the AST 43LP is the solution for low pressure measurement for a variety of applications. The AST 43LP is also now available with CSA Single Seal approval.

• UL / cUL 1604 Class 1 Div. 2 Non - Incendive  Groups A, B, C, D
• CSA 213 Class 1 Div. 2 Non - Incendive Groups  A, B, C, D with Single Seal
• ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) approved
• High Strength Stainless Steel Construction with all 316L
• Wide Operating Temperature Range

  • Ranges from 0- 1 to 0- 15 PSI
  • Low Static and Thermal Errors
  • Unparalleled Price and Performance
  • Compatible with Wide Range of Liquids and Gases
  • EMI I RFI Protection
• Industrial OEM Equipment  • Refrigeration  • Water Management  • Oil and Gas Platforms  • Pressure Instrumentation
High Pressure Sensor / Transmitter upto 60000 PSIG

The AST 47HP high pressure sensor is offered for pressure ratings from 15000 PSI up to  60000 PSIG (4000 BAR). Through its one piece stainless steel sensing element, the  diaphragm is thick enough to withstand high pressure and high cycle applications. Available  with male and female pressure fittings, the AST 47HP is flexible for a variety of applications.

Krystal Bond Technology ™
One piece stainless steel construction
No oil, welds or internal o-rings
100V/m of EMI / RFI Protection against
electrical noise including ignition systems
Various automotive /military connectors and
custom cable lengths available for ease of installation
Applications :
Water Jets  • Water Tanks  • Test Stands  • Pipeline Instrumentation  • High Pressure Wells

Hydrogen ASIC Pressure Sensor
316L Stainless steel, media isolated for hydrogen applications

The AST2000 series is now available for hydrogen pressure sensing applications. Tested to a variety of hydrogen and automotive standards including TUV and EIHP, the AST2000H2 pressure sensor series combines the best mechanical design for hydrogen measurement with high performance digital compensation.

Benefits :
Krystal Bond™ Technology
One Piece design
All 31 6L wetted material for optimal compatibility
No Oil-filled Cavities leave no chance of containment
Non-welded diaphragm eliminates leak paths and weak points
Digitally Compensated
EC79 Approved
CE EN61326 Approved
Applications :
PEM Fuel Cells • Hydrogen Storage • Hydrogen Filling Stations  • Back Up Power  • Test Stands
Low Cost Differential Pressure Gauge Series S2000
Features :
Mounts in Industry Standard Holes
Accuracy 2%
Die Cast Aluminum Housing
Digital Differential Pressure Gauge Series A1 / A2
Features :
Mounts in Industry Standard Holes
Universal Power 16 - 265VAC / VDC
Accuracy 1 % (better available)
Large 0.5" LED Display
Weather proof Face
5 selectable engineering units
Optional Link ™
Optional 4 - 20mA output

Low Cost Differential Pressure Gauge Series A3 / A4
Features :
Mounts in Industry Standard Holes
1.6" Panel Depth
Universal Power 16 - 265VAC / VDC
(2) 8 Amp SPOT Relays
Accuracy 1 % (better available)
Large 0.5" LED Display
LED Process Arch
Measures Flow & Velocity
15 selectable Units
Optional 4 - 20mA output
Digital Differential Pressure Controller with 316L Cover Series a6
Features :
1.6" Panel Depth
Universal Power 24 - 240VAC / VDC
(2) 8 Amp SPOT Relays
Accuracy 1.0% (better available)
OLEO Program Display
Large 0.5" LED Display
316L SS Face
Measures Flow & Velocity
15 selectable Units
Opti. - l.ink ™
Digitally Scalable 4 - 20mA output

Applications :
Filter Status
Duct Static Pressure
Clean Room Pressure
Building Pressure
Fan and Blower Pressure
Paint Booths
Dust Collectors
Glove Box Pressure
Bubbler Systems
Laminar Flow Hoods
Cabinet Purging
Differential Pressure Transmitter Model CP 100
Features :
Differential pressure transmitter type epl 00
Measuring ranges from 0 1+ 100 Po to - 1000 I +2000mbar
Configurable intermediately and central zero ranges 0-10 V or 4-20mA output, active sensor, power
supply 24VAC / VDC (3-4 wires) or 4 - 20mA output, passive loop, power supply 18 to 30VDe (2 wires)
ABS IP 65 housing, with or without display
Quick and easy mounting with the "¼ turn" system with wall-mount plate
Accuracy Po, mm H2O, mbar, inWG, mmHG (CP101 and CP102) mbar, inWG, mmHG, Kpa, PSI (CP 103 and CP 104)
Unit of Measurement ± 1,5% of reading ±3 Po (CP 101), ± 1,5% of reading ±3mmH,0 (CP 102) ± 1,5% of reading ±3mbar (CP 103 and CP1 04)
Response Time l/e (60%) 0,3 sec. H20
Resolution 1 Po - 0,1 mmH20 - 0,01 mbar - 0,01 In HG (CP 101 and CP102)
0,01 mbar - 0,01 In WG - 0,01 mmHG - 0,0 KPa - 0,1 PSI (CP 103 and CP1 04)
Auto Zero manual with push-button
Type of Fluid air and neutral gases
Over Pressure Tolerated
25000 Po (CP 101), 1 OOOmmH20 (CP 102), 1400mbar (CP 103), 2000mbar (CP 104)
Air Velocity and Temperature Transmitter CTV 100
Features :
Temperature and air velocity transmitter type CTV100
Ranges from 0-5m/s to 0-30m/s and to +50C, -20 to +80C, -50 to +50oC, to + 100C
0-1 OV or 4-20mA output, active, power supply 24VAC 1 VDC (3-4 wires)
ABS IP 65 housing, with or without display
Alternating display of air velocity and temperature
Quick and easy mounting "114 turn" system with wall-mount plate
Measuring range 0 to 5m/s, 0 to 10m/s, 0 to 15m/s, 0 to 20m/s, o to 30m/s
Units of measurement m/s and fpm
Accuracy + 3% of reading + 0,3m/s
Response time 1/e (63%) 2sec.
Resolution 0.1m/s
Type of fluid air and neutral gases
Temperature Measuring range 0 to +50°C, -20 to + 80°C, -50 to +50°C, 0 to + 100°C
Units of measurement °C, °F
Accuracy + 0,5% of reading +0, 4°C
Response time 1/e (63%) 5sec.
Resolution 0, 1°C
Type of sensor Pt 100class A as per DIN IEC751
Type of fluid air and neutral gases
Air Velocity and Temperature Transmitter CTV 200
Features :
Function : airflow
Simultaneous display of 2 parameters
2 out-put 4 - 20mA or 0 - 10V (4 wires), RS-232, 2 RCR relays 6A / 230VAC
2 visual (dual color LED) and audible (buzzer) alarms
Software or DIP switch configuration
ABS - IP 65 housing, with or without 2-line backlit display
Mounting with the 1/4 turn system with wall-mount plate
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